What are the
different types
of bra?

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  • Training bra / crop top - these are great when you’re not quite ready for a standard bra.
  • Non-wired bra or soft bra - these have cups that give you shape and support. 
  • Under-wired bra - the cup has a wire underneath it to give the bust more shape.
  • Sports bra - this helps reduce your breasts from moving around during exercise and make you feel more comfortable.  Wearing a sports bra for exercise also protects the ligaments that support the breasts.
  • Padded bra - this gives more shape to breasts, making them seem fuller.
  • Strapless and Multi-way bra - these work in the same way as a regular bra and also let you remove or adjust the straps. This is really useful when you're wearing a top or dress and you don't want your bra straps to show.

How do I get
the right size?

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  1. First, take a tape measure and take it round the top of your bust and make a note it of in centimetres (cm).
  2. Next, measure on your bust (the fullest part) and then directly under your bust and write them down.
  3. Use this only as a guide because when you try on bras you might find you have to try a few before you find the right one.
  4. Otherwise, just go to your local shops and ask to be measured by a qualified bra adviser.

Once you’ve measured yourself you might find you're not quite ready for a standard bra, that's when you know a training bra or crop top may be right for you.


should I
buy my first bra?

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One of the first signs you may be ready for a bra is when you start to notice your breasts move about when you're running around or your nipples may start showing through your clothes!

It can be daunting asking your mum or close relative to take you bra shopping for the first time. You might be worried too about when to start wearing a bra or even knowing where to start. We’re here to guide you through all you need to know about bras to help you feel more prepared.


Does my bra
fit me properly?

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First, follow the instructions below on How do I get the right size? Your mum or friend might be able to help you. If you’ve been wearing a bra for a while now but think it doesn't fit properly, then put it on and look in the mirror to check for the most common fit problems:

If the cups look creased or baggy, try a smaller cup.

If you've got red marks on your shoulder the band around your body might be too big. Try wearing a smaller under bust size.

If you're wearing an under-wired bra, the wired section should sit flat against your rib cage. If the wires lift away from your body, your cup size might be too small and you should try going up a size.

This is also true if the wires dig into your sides or sit on your breasts and not underneath them.

If you’re falling out of the cups, they may be too small. A good fitting bra should lie flat on your breasts and almost two thirds should be covered. To check this out, put on a t-shirt and turn to the side. If you see a line where your breasts fall over your cup, you need a bigger size.

The band around your body should be in line with the wires at the front of your bra.

Try running your fingers under the band and if you can do that, then you have the right under bust measurement. If the band is tight, try going up a cup size.