Tips for talking
to mum and dad
about periods


The idea of talking to Mum or Dad about your period and other stuff that happens to your body can be pretty embarrassing.

You might be thinking about how you would go about doing this.  One thing’s for sure, your mum's gone through it too, so she'll know what it feels like. Once you’ve had the chat you’ll feel so much better about it.

Finally, take it slow, if you feel embarrassed then keep it short and just find out a little bit at a time.

  • Ask your mum about how she felt when she was growing up on subjects like when she got her first bra, her period etc. If she starts chatting about her experiences, you can bring it round to how you’re now feeling.
  • Or why don’t you ask to go on the weekly food shop with your Mum and ask to look down the pads and tampon aisle to see what products are on offer.
  • If you live with your dad, don’t worry, he’ll know all about periods too. If you find the conversation even harder to start and don’t have an aunt or grandmother to speak to, leave him a note with a list of what you need.
  • How about the reliable text message? That way you’ll avoid any initial embarrassment from your side. They'll understand and be proud of you for finding a way to let them know you need their help.
  • Or why don’t you send them one of our e-cards and we can talk you through what to do.