Puberty signifies big changes in your life. Not only to the way you look but the way you feel. It can also coincide with joining a new school, which makes friendships even more important as you go through these new experiences together.

At times, you may be feeling a little jealous that your friends are developing earlier than you. Just remember there is nothing wrong with being an earlier or late developer. Remember, you’re unique so don’t try to change yourself to fit in.


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Starting a new school can sometimes mean that you and your friends may be split up and put in different classes or different schools. You may even notice you no longer feel close to friends you have known for a long time, or they're distancing themselves from you.


Actually, this is very normal and happens a lot during puberty. It's no one's fault and something happens quite naturally. There’s no need to fall out about it so, rather than getting upset, accept this as part of becoming a young adult.


If it does happen to you, don’t get caught up in saying unkind things about someone. Instead, focus on making new friends in class who enjoy hanging out with you.