What happens
to boys during


    Many boys normally start changing a couple of years later than girls.

    Like you, they'll start to grow under arm and pubic hair and go through changes to the way their bodies look and how they feel.

    In other ways, puberty affects boys in very different ways to you. Here are a few things to look out for and some you won’t see!

  • Their voices change, going from high pitched one minute to quite deep the next which can often lead to embarrassing squeaks.
  • The larynx also known as an ‘Adam’s apple’ becomes more obvious and shows through the front of their neck.
  • Hair grows on their chests and faces.
  • Bones in their faces start to widen, making them look less childlike.
  • Shoulders widen and muscles start to develop.
  • Their testicles start to darken in colour.
  • They start producing sperm.
  • They won’t want you to know this but sometimes boys also notice a little breast growth as their hormones settle into a routine

Just like you, boys worry about the way they look and very often tease each other about the size of their penises, the amount of facial hair they have and how tall they are.

Boys get
emotional too

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They may also find it hard to control their emotions. Boys have an increase in a hormone called Testosterone, which can sometimes leave them feeling a little angry, frustrated or aggressive.


They may also act a little immature from time to time. So don’t worry if they start to annoy you or if they tease you about the changes occurring to your body. They are dealing with their own changes too and the best way of dealing with this is to ignore them.


What do I do
when boys
tease me?

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If boys see you getting flustered or embarrassed, they'll take it as a sign to carry on. So be cool and just walk away or laugh off any comments they make.

If a particular boy or group of boys starts behaving badly or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your teacher or parents. They'll make sure any kind of verbal or physical abuse is stopped immediately.